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Engage with MITx

Project Status Update - January 2012

The MITx team continues in its efforts to engage with stakeholders at MIT, edX, and other edX institutions to inform its efforts to identify the needs of MIT faculty and students for library and information services and to begin to scope the changes and effort required by the Libraries to support MITx. 
Activities and Accomplishments
  • Met with Chancellor Eric Grimson to learn about the new Director of Digital Learning position.
  • Met with Lori Breslow, Director of the Teaching and Learning Laboratory, to learn about their work in assessing 6.002x.  Her office is co-recipient of an NSF grant to look at last’s spring’s 6.002x experience and attempt to answer the following questions:
  • Who are the students who enrolled in one of the first open online courses?
  • How did students utilize the learning materials and resources offered by the course?
  • How do student characteristics and their interaction with course materials relate to learning outcomes?
  • How did 6.002x interact with students’ residential experience? 
  • Met with Vijay Kumar, Director of the Office of Educational Innovation and Technology, to discuss his work to support the Chancellor’s ad hoc working group on MITx, and discussions regarding the relationship between OEIT and the new Director of Digital Learning.
  • Worked with edX library collaborators to finalize the first two working groups within the library collaboration:
  • Working Group on Content Accessibility to explore the legal and policy issues surrounding the use and accessibility of course content, and recommend best practices for addressing these issues as well as identify possible opportunities for useful support services for “x” courses.
  • Working Group on Research Skills to identify how libraries can work with faculty to improve the information skills of MOOC learners to support deeper learning.
  • Reached out to new edX institutions, Wellesley and Georgetown, to offer their library counterparts the opportunity to participate in the edx library collaborative.  They have decided to participate. 
  • Met with Tena Herlihy, edX Director of Business and Legal Affairs, to brief her on the team’s efforts and those of the edX library collaboration.
  • Reached out to MIT’s Office of General Counsel and OCW to brief them on the team’s efforts and those of the edX library collaboration.
  • Met with Sanjay Sarma, the new Director of Digital Learning, to learn of his early plans, and to educate him about the Libraries’ efforts and interests.
  • Met with Cec d’Oliveira, Executive Director of OCW, to brief her on the team’s efforts and those of the edX library collaboration.
  • Talked with the OCLC Research Partnership about the possibility of an OCLC sponsored library focused MOOC meeting in early March.


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