Monday, March 18, 2013

Proactive Librarian MOOC Engagement: Identification of Candidate Open Access Learning Materials and Textbooks for Massive Open Online Courses


There is true potential for librarians to become proactively engaged in MOOCs but identifying candidate Open Access learning materials and textbooks for current (and future) MOOC courses,

The process:

1)  For each course, identify the non-Open Access learning materials and textbooks.

2)  Identify potential possible alternatives, using existing directories and search end sites, many of which have populated the _OATS: Open Access Textbooks_ LibGuide (, or other methods.

3) Create a spreadsheet (or database) for each propriety resource and their potential alternative, with an indication as to who has adopted the alternative.

4) Inform MOOC instructors of possible alternatives.

I envision a meta-organization of subject librarians from each library professional organization as well as members of a range of professions collaborating in identifying these information alternatives.

IMHO: An opportunity for libraries to get in on the ground floor in a transformational educational phenomena !

Your Thoughts ?

BTW: I believe this initiative can also serve as the foundation of individual institutional efforts.


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