Sunday, May 19, 2013

Librarians: Your Most Valuable MOOC Supporters

What about libraries? That’s the question on our minds as the world declares its love for massive open online courses, or MOOCs. Libraries are a major part of universities, but they’re almost entirely missing from the MOOC conversation. That’s a big mistake.

Libraries offer resources, from research to licensing support, that are essential to the future of MOOCs as they grow both in numbers and in seriousness. As MOOCs become an increasingly valid and valuable resource, it’s clear that they can benefit from another great educational resource: librarians.

The MOOC Library


The MOOC Challenge


What MOOC Librarians Can Do 

  • Take a MOOC
  • Become a Part of MOOC Development
  • Offer licensing and access support.Develop course research guides.
  • Create library MOOCs.


"We’re at the beginning, not the end,” Proffitt says. MOOCs have a lot to offer students and the future of online higher education, and librarians are in a great position to help this fledgling resource grow in depth and quality. There’s so much librarians can do, and there are many opportunities for development.

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