Saturday, August 3, 2013

Drawing the Blueprint As We Build: Setting Up a Library-based Copyright and Permissions Service for MOOCs

D-Lib Magazine

D-Lib Magazine | July/August 2013 | Volume 19, Number 7/8

Lauren Fowler
Duke University Libraries

Kevin Smith
Duke University Libraries



The rapid growth of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in higher education has raised the question of what services libraries on campus can, and should, provide for these courses. One area in which librarians are frequently the source of advice and assistance is in providing copyright education and obtaining permissions to use copyrighted material, and there is now a pressing need to address those areas for MOOCs. This article describes the creation of a copyright and permissions service for MOOC instructors within the Duke University Libraries. Although the service has not been free of difficulties, and its success in actually obtaining permission for desired uses has been uneven, overall the response from faculty has been positive, and the libraries believe that this service is a fruitful and sensible way for them to support the MOOC phenomenon.

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