Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Librarians and the Era of the MOOC


The questions librarians should be thinking about is in what ways can we leverage our skills and build tools to fit the values of personalization, “big data” modeling and analysis, as well as peer socialization and networking for the MOOC environment? Would an embedded librarian work in the future for the commercial MOOC vendor or would this be part of an Emerging Technologies Librarian’s duties at a participating university? Would libraries actually benefit financially from MOOCs when considering the added costs for access to consortial databases with copyrighted material, or would library administration need to make yet more cuts to their budget elsewhere to make room for MOOCs? Price and copyright negations with vendors are another consideration. Libraries are often charged by the number of enrolled students, how would that work if they suddenly had hundreds of thousands of students paying for a single course credit? How willing and what system will scientific journals use, for example, to allow copyright use for a selection of individual articles for a course reserve list?



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